Eliava Authorized Pharmacy since 1990 Commercial phage preparations for therapeutic and prophylactic usage
Bacteriophages for individual consumption Development of patient-specific, unique phage preparations for personalized usage
Biological control group In addition to pharmacists and administration, biological control laboratory is part of the pharmacy

"Eliava Authorized Pharmacy" is a pharmaceutical company, which offers customers a variety of medications and products for treatment, prevention and healthy living. In the pharmacy, you can buy commercial bacteriophages developed by scientists of the Eliava Institute: Pyo bacteriophage, Intesti bacteriophage, Fersisi, SES, ENCO and Staphylococcal bacteriophages, as well as other pharmaceutical products.

Our adventages

Preparations for individual use

Services for foreign patients

Worldwide shipping

Home delivery service

Our Vision

The demand for phage preparations and phage therapy is growing day by day. Our main task is to respond to the increased demand and offer customers the highest quality phage preparations. Since its inception, one of the company's priorities has been the professional growth of pharmacists and the continuous improvement of service, patient care and professional counseling to them.

Our Goals

Our marketing plan and strategy is based on increase the demand of bacteriophage preparations, developed at the “Eliava Institute “ and produced at the “Eliava Biopreparations”, on pharmaceutical market. Our main goal is to provide thoughtful and professional service to each customer.

Our team

Lela Nutsubidze - Pharmacist

Tamuna Sherozia - Pharmacist

Miranda Bregadze - Pharmacist

Nana Topuria Nakaidze - Director

Lia Tkemaladze -Manager